Sonia Mehra Chawla's solo project 'Critical Membrane' gets featured in Frieze Art Magazine's 'Critics Guide' to the best shows in the Indian Capital, Just ahead of the India Art Fair.
Article by Bharati Lalwani for Frieze Magazine, published on January 31, 2017
Sonia Mehra Chawla's work is featured in Art Asia Pacific's review of the Yinchuan Biennale 2016. Biennale review by Bansie Vaswani for Art Asia Pacific's December 2016 issue.
Sonia Mehra Chawla’s Critical Membrane frames mangrove ecosystems as metaphor for science, art
Extensive review of the Critical Membrane project by Manik Sharma, Firstpost, December 2016
Read about Sonia Mehra Chawla's solo project 'Critical Membrane' in Art Now, Pakistan, the Contemporary Art magazine of Pakistan. Published in December 2016
Storm in a Gallery: Delhi’s Exhibit 320 sheds light on endangered mangrove system in the country

Delhi-based artist Sonia Mehra Chawla through her work that spans prints, photographs, videos and installations, unveils tales of the various mangrove ecosystems in India, with special focus on the Coromandel and Malabar coasts.
Article by Pallavi Chattopadhyay,The Indian Express, December 2016
Article on Yinchuan Biennale 2016, published in The Telegraph, Kolkata, India, August 2016
Bansie Vaswani reviews Sonia Mehra Chawla's immersive installation at the Yinchuan Biennale 2016 in China, 'For An Image, Faster Than Light', for UK's premier Art & Lifestyle magazine 'Aesthetica'.
Women Artists at Yinchuan Biennale 2016

Sonia Mehra Chawla, Yoko Ono, Dia Mehta, Mary Ellen Caroll, Lisa Reihanna, Donna Ong, Abigail Reynolds among others
Yinchuan Biennale 2016 by Universe-in Universe
Article published in Mid-Day on British Council Awardees Presentation 2015 in Mumbai, with Sonia Mehra Chawla, Bose Krishnamachi and Anupam Sah.
Yinchuan Biennale 2016 by Universe-in Universe
View From The Yellow River, article on Yinchuan Biennale 2016 by CPM Politburo member and cultural impresario Shri MA Baby
Exclusive review of Sonia Mehra Chawla's project at Yinchuan Biennale 2016 by Bansie Vasvani for 'Aesthetica', the British Art & Culture magazine.
Published by Aesthetica Magazine London, September 2016
1st Yinchuan Biennale, 2016 Biennales and triennales are often seen as periodical international celebrations held by cities and contemporary art that can bring change to the cultural landscape of a city.
Published by Universes in Universe.
1st Yinchuan Biennale, 2016 List of Artists, 73 participants from 33 countries at the 1st Yinchuan Biennale 2016
Published by Universes in Universe.
1st Yinchuan Biennale, 2016 the first "Biennale Yinchuan - images, ultra-light" contemporary art gallery opening in Yinchuan, the Biennale by internationally renowned artists, curators Perth
Published by Arton. September 2016
Yinchuan Biennale 2016, 'For an Image, Faster Than Light', 74 participating International artists' announced.
Published by e-flux. July 2016
‘Nerve culture: Hybrid practices in the Arts’, article by Huzan Tata, Verve magazine. 20th Anniversary issue, collector’s edition, December 2015.
‘Prints from Nature: Sonia Mehra Chawla pushes the boundaries of Fine Art Printmaking, while examining the fragility of the natural world’, review article by Pooja Pillai, Indian Express, 2015
‘Nature’s Spell’, Millenium Post, 2015
‘Video Art for a Green Cause’, article by Rana Siddiqui Zaman, The Hindu, 2015
‘Framed: Q&A with Sonia Mehra Chawla’, article by Zaral Shah, Verve Magazine, Issue 09, 2015
‘Window to the art world: An evening with Charles Wallace Scholars’, Mid-Day, 2015
‘Going on Record- Artchiving’, article by Georgina Maddox for Time Out Magazine, 2013
‘The Top Galleries in Asia’ Review by Blouin ArtInfo, Special Coverage, 2013 (section: 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong)
‘The Hong Kong Art Market Part I: Auctions & Galleries’, Post-Ism, Art-Fashion-Culture, 2013
‘5 Must-see art shows during the India Art Summit’, Blouin Artinfo India, 2013
‘Shows that matter: Peak Shift Effect and Spell of Spill: Utopia of Ecology’, Blouin Artinfo India, 2013
‘She Asks Not If We Can See Her’, article by Manjari Kaul, Take on Art Magazine, Biennale Issue, 2012.
‘Showcase: Metaphors from Nature’, article by Swati Daftuar for The Hindu, 2012
Metaphors From Nature: article by Swati Daftuar for the Hindu Magazine on Maya Kovskaya's curated exhibition 'The Secret Life of Plants' September 2012
Absolut Subodh Gupta & Absolut Spotlight Art: Sonia Mehra Chawla, The wall Art Magazine, by Amrita Verma, July 2012
‘When plant is metaphor for life’, Deccan Herald, 2012
'Locally Global in New Delhi: Looking back on the second edition of the India Art Summit',
Saffronart online, 2011
Sonia Mehra Chawla finds a mention in Gateway To India by Staphanie Chang in Culture Trip.
Artists’ Profile: An enchanting interplay of sensuous exuberance, desire and decay, The Arts Trust
Tracing the fragile edges of a woman’s world, The Arts’ trust
‘Indian Art finds a global canvas’, India Today, 2009
‘Firsts at the India Art Summit’, with Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art, Dusseldorf, article by Anindita Ghosh, Live Mint, 2009
‘Art market looks up to India amidst global crisis’, The Financial Express, 2009
Labyrinths – The Urban and the Organic, Time Out, Dubai, May 2009
‘Sonia Mehra Chawla: A painter and installation artist with a command over many mediums’, Photo Feature by Tripat Kalra for BBC Good Homes Magazine, May 2008
‘The Young At Arts: A celebration of the culture-rich spirit of Gen Now’, a special feature by Kuheli Sen on contemporary art practices in India spanning visual arts, music and dance, India Today Magazine, February 2008.
Photo Feature on Sonia Mehra Chawla’s artistic practice curated by Platform for Platform Magazine, July-August 2008
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